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Cris Zimmermann, Dr. Gottfried Lemperle and Rev Balibanga Katambu (2018)



A new hospital for people in need is being built in Goma (Congo) on the site of the Nazarene Church.
The Goma Hospital will ensure the necessary medical care for many people in need and help ensure that the local doctors can be adequately promoted and supported by European doctors.
The foundation stone for the exterior construction was laid at the beginning of 2021.



The Goma Hospital reaches residents and their families who cannot afford treatment by a doctor or in a larger hospital. First of all, basic care is sought, which also includes vaccinations and awareness-raising campaigns for girls and pregnant women.
In addition, necessary further training is to be ensured through international deployments and local training courses.



Four local doctors and seven other helpers are currently treating in the simplest of conditions in five small ambulance rooms and with few medications.
Reverend Balibanga Katambu is the project manager on site. The construction of the hospital is being carried out by the initiator and Interplast Germany founder Dr. Gottfried Lemperle coordinated and promoted with the help of partners.

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Donation account for the Goma Hospital

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IBAN: DE06 3705 0299 ​​0000 6809 54

Even small contributions can make a big difference! Your donation will be used in full for the project development, construction and operation of the hospital. If you give your address, you will receive a donation receipt.

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