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In the middle of Goma, on the grounds of the Nazarene Church, is the simple outpatient clinic with five treatment rooms without light and with few medicines. It is run by four doctors and seven other helpers. Apart from the prescription of pharmaceuticals in emergencies (painkillers, antibiotics, blood pressure lowerers and diabetes therapies), however, they can do nothing. There is currently neither a laboratory nor an ultrasound or X-ray device. Since 2015, 5 Interplast teams have operated on> 600 patients with the surgeons there. The absolute necessity of building a small hospital for the needy people in the surrounding area was recognized.

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The initiator and coordinator of the project Dr. Gottfried Lemperle and his son Andreas Lemperle (architect) designed a one-story surgical ambulance together with other architects and doctors on site. After completion and commissioning, this can be supplemented by two additional floors if the financing is available.
The planned Goma Hospital - Rehema Center Medical (Rehema for Mercy in Swahili) received planning permission from the building authority and the Ministry of Health in July 2020. The hospital will initially have a capacity of 16 beds and have an operating room, sterile room, 24-hour outpatient department with 3-4 doctors and various monitoring rooms.



The foundation stone for the exterior building was financed by donations and laid in early 2021 (Photo: Pastor Balibanga, architect Linda Styve and surgeon Dr. Kimona laying the foundation stone).
The first interior fittings and furnishings are also guaranteed by donations. The building should be ready for occupancy in early 2022. For the purchase of the necessary medical equipment and the further training of the local doctors, further financial means have to be collected.


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